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The fourth, or perfect mistress degree was founded upon the passage of the children of Israel through the wilderness, which was made to symbolize the passage of men and women through this to another and better world, and the officers represented Moses, Aaron, and other characters in that history.

There is no evidence, so far as, known, that the French rite ever obtained in this country.

Many months of continuous labor have been bestowed upon it, and as he indites these words as his task is drawing to a close, it is with the desire that his readers will consider how hard it is for one to write unbiasedly of his own times, and of events in which lie has been an active participant, so that if the fiat person singular is sometimes singularly prominent, it is simply because a full recital of essential facts rendered it necessary, as he, has no desire to use both ends of the trumpet of fame.

He would be singularly remiss if he did not express his deep sense of obligation to the many brothers and sisters who have given him material assistance in se‑curing information that has helped to make the work both valuable and interesting; and he would also give expression to his sense of obligation to those more numerous sisters and brothers who have so generously confided in his ability to create a work worthy of their encouragement, and have manifested that confidence by subscribing in advance of its production, and thus rendered its publication possible.

He will always be glad to know of any copies of old rituals that can be purchased, and he will also be pleased to supply to his fellow Eastern Star bibliomaniacs copies of any rituals of which he may have duplicates.

It will be noticed that in this work the Eastern Star degrees are sometimes spoken of in the singular, and sometimes in the plural.

The titles, Jephthah's Daughter, Ruth, Esther, Martha, and Electa, sufficiently denote the histories comprehended in the degrees.* * * The following extracts from the published ritual, translated into English, are in point: "The Sisterhood of the Eastern Star is manifest, to the world by its adoring virtues - five.

Honor in bright loneliness is the sanctity and moral guarantee of all the obligations of the Eastern Star.

If confidence could be placed in certain statements of Rob Morris, whose labors in bringing the order into prominence exceed those of any other person, we could easily ascertain the truth as to its origin.

But these statements are made without corroborative proof, and have been contradicted by the brother himself.

In A Monument of Gratitude (1884), brother Morris said: Some writers have fallen into the error of placing the introduction of the Eastern Star as far back as 1775, and this they gather from my work, "Lights and Shadows of Free Masonry," published in 1852.

In the history it will be found that while he has made no direct quotations from the present authorized ritual, with one or two minor exceptions, he has quoted, sometimes quite copiously, from rituals that are now obsolete, but in doing so he has carefully avoided incorporating therein anything that might throw any light upon what is the real secret work of the order, and in this respect he believes his work will be found to compare favorably with the Masonic encyclopedias.

He has endeavored, at the same time, to convey to the enlightened reader as full knowledge of the subject in hand as was possible with these limitations.

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This will be understood when it is stated that when the secrets were given by communication the singular number was used in the early days, but when given in constellations or Chapters, they were spoken of in the plural, and I have followed this custom.

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