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On the client side, a default gateway is assigned in the TCP/IP properties.

MAC Addressing - Also known as hardware address or ethernet address, A MAC address is a unique code assigned to most networking hardware.

IP addresses are divided into 3 classes as shown below: NOTE: 127.x.x.x is reserved for loopback testing on the local system and is not used on live systems.

The following address ranges are reserved for private networks: - - 1.254 - IPv6 - The previous information on TCP/IP has referred to IPv4, however, this addressing scheme has run out of available IP addresses due to the large influx of internet users and expanding networks.

They are used to uniquely identify a device on a network, and for other functions such as for being authenticated by a DHCP server.

For more information, read MAC Addressing Formats And Broadcasts. Class A addresses are for networks with a large number of hosts.

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All hosts on the same network must have the same netid.

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