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Every Tues/Thurs lunchtime (1-2pm) and every Tues/Weds evening (6.30-7.30pm) at the Centre.Everyone welcome so get involved and banish those extra Christmas pounds!!Strategic orientation of the Network is the support for the implementation of the RDP 2014-2020 which means to operate in the direction of providing and promoting a more quality implementation of the RDP 2014-2020 through different activities and tools within the managing authority as well as in terms of partners operating in the field of rural development.In implementing the activities and applying the tools, the Network follows the rural development policy and provides answers to the needs indicated in the analysis of the state of needs in the programme field and pursues the 'bottom-up' approach".The NRN organised together with The Slovenian Rural Development Network (non-governmental organization) three successive Slovenian Rural Parliaments to bring together different stakeholders with the aim of discussing on the actual needs of rural areas and the people living there.

Integration and cooperation is an important area that should be even more intensively implemented in the rural areas and encourage people to cooperate. The Network will also inform potential beneficiaries and partners on support and cooperation options in the field of innovations and provide networking for advisers.

All eight documentary films are available also online in Slovenian and English.

Presented slovenian LEADER projects are nice oportunity for other LAGs to see possible common projects (TNC) with slovenian LAGs in the future.

The Network objectives are the following: Activities and tasks of the Network: 1.

Communication activities: The most important role of the Network is information and publicity or communication, which means the implementation of the information and publicity strategy.

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