Updating nba 2k9 rosters

Dribble moves with the right analog stick are quite often ineffective, thanks to some unseen gravitational field defenders have that keeps them close.

Instead, you'll sometimes have to wait for the CPU to make a bad double-team so you can hit a teammate near the rim (you'll need to use icon passing, since regular passes rarely seem to go where you want) for an easy dunk.

You can practice the basics in the NBA Live Academy, prove you're the best team on the planet in the FIBA World Championships, take part in the slam-dunk contest and three-point shootout in the NBA All-Star weekend, or take control of an NBA franchise in Dynasty mode.

An intuitive interface and interesting method of improving your staff are the highlights of the Dynasty mode.

If you prefer to run a simple pick-and-roll, you can do so with ease.

Although you can cover your man fairly well with the effective lockdown-defense feature, bad team defense is one of the game's trademarks.

Even if you double-team a player, he's nearly unstoppable should he receive a pass in stride while cutting to the rim--players just don't react in time.

If you hold down the left trigger or L2, a player will come set a screen, and you can use it as you see fit to drive or take a shot.

You can also get your teammate involved a little more.

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However, unlike those games in which you control one player throughout the course of his career, you're only able to play a one-off game in Live.

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